Friday, 29 March 2013

Keeping on track

I am SO excited to be on the right track. For a while I would lose a little then gain it right back. The issue? Not tracking and eating WAY too much on the weekends. I think I forgot that this is a lifestyle change and I cannot eat whatever I want, even if I have lost a good amount of weight.  Below are tips that have kept me on track and has worked for ME. Everyone's body is different and I am in no way shape or form a nutritionist/fitness expert haha!

  •   ALWAYS TRACK: For a while, I would track during the week then Saturday  and Sunday was a free for all, or as I called it "a cheat day" LOL.. I would eat whatever I wanted and as much. Come Monday, I would be shocked at how much I gained!! So always track what goes in your mouth as the scale doesn't lie, only you do.        
  •  STAY AWAY FROM TOO MANY CARBS: I know on Weight Watchers you can eat whatever you want and I definitely do, but sometimes you aren't going to see amazing results from high fat/ high carb foods. I was always eating bread or some form of rice with about every meal and for me, it was just not working with my body. I have learned that if I want bread for lunch, then I will not eat any carbs for breakfast. I am not the type to be at the gym 24/7 so foods that are high in carbs are tough for me to burn off quickly
  • ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST: I always thought skipping a meal was going to make me lose SO much weight, haha WRONG! I would have lunch then would come home from work around 5:30 and raid the cabinets like it was my style! I think I would eat a good 10- 15 points prior to dinner. I always try to have a bigger breakfast because it really does set the tone for the day! I try to eat 6-8 points for breakfast. Eggs, oatmeal, lots of fruit, milk. I do try to stay away from cereal, I feel like it's empty carbs and it does not fill me up at all
  • WORK OUT: Well this is pretty self explanatory. This is more for people like me who HATE working out lol. Hate it!! The main work outs I do is Zumba. I have amazing teachers who are so intense and they are just beyond great! Always a great workout when you leave there sore! I also park far away when I go shopping. I think it's great to just stay active with whatever you do. At home when I  do laundry I jog down the stairs, just little silly things! I also love this app on my iPhone: it's called "Workouts" it is free and amazing! They have all different types of work out for all parts of your body and rane from 10 mins- 1 hour. If I cant Zumba or go to the gym I do little workouts at home in my little room as you do not need a lot of space, which is great!
  • STAY POSITIVE: If you are negative then you are destined to fail, easy as that. I didn't spend a few weeks gaining this weight and certainly won't take a few weeks to lose it! No matter how many days you gain, or just eat too much, you keep going because you are AMAZING. Unfortunately, there are some people in life that would love to see you fail, why give in. Just know it will be worth all of this blood sweat and tears and you WILL come out on top, you just need to believe in yourself.
 I hope this helps anyone who is having a tough time, or needs a little help. Again, I am NO expert. I am just sharing a few tips that work for me.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Weight Watchers Life: My weight loss journey

Since 2011 I have been on Weight Watchers and that came with lots of ups and downs through this weight loss journey. I knew I needed to lose weight, but always put it off. I enjoy food so much! It was a comfort to me and something I couldn't let go of.

As of 2011 I have lost 48lbs and still going. Over the past year I have been on a plateau of gaining a little and losing a little and maintaining. For me, that is quite amazing to not gain the weight back! As many of you who struggle with being overweight, you know how difficult it is to maintain a weight loss. It was not what I wanted, I wanted more of a loss and it was just not happening. Too many temptations I couldn't resist, too many "well I am maintaining, I deserve this giant piece of cake". Yes, you can eat whatever you want on Weight Watchers and that is what I love about it! I was abusing it way too much though.

I have now FINALLY learned how to control myself and slowly learning to not give in at every single temptation. I have more weight to lose and I need to give it my all! 

I am hoping to do more weight loss blogs as well as tips/ tricks and great food ideas!

*Here's to a healthy me!*

                                                    An amazing quote to live by <3

         Before & After: 2008- January 2013                      Me Currently: March 2013

                                                       **Foods I really Enjoy! **
                              Quick oats with Semi-sweet chips, banana & a little brown sugar

                     1/2C tuna with a slice of tomato on a lightly salted rice cake & 1/3 C Edamame

Homemade Oatmeal Pancakes! Oats, egg whites, vanilla extract, fat free cottage cheese. Amazing and so filling!!


Friday, 4 May 2012

Life through Instagram

I have been so AWFUL with updating me blog! My life has been so busy, sometimes it's easier to just use Instagram. Follow me if you'd like! Instagram: Ceebee33. Here are a few photos in the past few months. Enjoy! <3

 ***Went to visit my bf's family in South Dakota over Christmas--> The restaurant below is so cute! Has slot machines in it too! Crazy!

 ***Driving in South Dakota in an old town and edited the photo above, love how it came out.

**A few pics of my bf and I, one at Mount Rushmore and getting ready to head out for New Years Eve<3

 **Some of the many shows I have been to: Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins. Oh how I love Rock!!

**My new niece Maddie in the shoe box, um how cute is she!?!?! Then my oldest little baby, Chelsea on the right (will be 14 on Cinco de Mayo!!! How time flies )

**I love starting my morning off with a little Starbucks and their iced green tea is the BEST. 

**Went over my brother's for a family Sunday dinner and my mom brought the fruit tart, how pretty! Tasted amazing

**One Saturday in April, my bf and I took a drive and ended up at the Clam Box for a little seafood. It was so delish and that had to be the best clam chowder!!

Well that is it for now. Hoping to get on here more often as I have tons to show!

The End<3

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween. Unfortunately, I worked all weekend and was not able to attend any parties! Fail :(

Tonight I am going to my boyfriends and will make a spoooky dinner! Well, not too spooky, more cute!

How cute is this Jack-O-Lantern Quesadilla?!?!

 I will definitely be making a big staple dessert, something I grew up on and just can't get enough of it every Halloween!!

     Graveyard Puddings! 
                 I will definitely be adding worms to mine!

                                 That is all for now. Have a booo-tiful day!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Thinking Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I thought this colorful nail look fits in perfectly for the cause.

I think in my past life I was a drag queen because I cannot get enough GLITTER!!!  I think this is a fun and quick way to add a little glitz to your nails and to also help out for the cause!!!!

                                                                        Enjoy :)

I only painted clear gloss on my ring finger then quickly sprinkled the glitter on it.

Products I used:
O.P.I- In the Spotlight Pink
Sally Hansen- Ultimate Sheild Top Coat
Sally Hansen- Shall We Dance?
Martha Stewart Glitter- Kunzite

24 pack of glitters from Martha Stewart.
I bought the pack at Michael's for $30, but used a 50% coupon and got it for $15!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Etsy: New Obsession!!

I work in an office so it is very casual and tend to wear very simple jewelry. I am the type of girl that will wear jeans, boots and a simple tee and pair it with a simple pendant necklace.  I am always on a hunt to find cute, simple necklaces. I can't stand when there is a cute simple charm and it's on the most cheap and chunky chain, or when you can smell the lead, gross. I guess you get what you paid for.

I was definitely overwhelmed by Etsy at first, I had no idea what a big community it is for new and upcoming designers. So I decided to search for a gold disc necklace. At the time, I was on the hunt for it after seeing Jennifer Aniston wearing a simple gold disc in a magazine and it was so cute!! I came across Leslie23 on Etsy and absolutely love what she does. Her necklaces are classic pieces you can have for a while and definitely something you can wear every day. They're also great for layering necklaces.

Below are some items I have or just purchased and a few that are on my list to purchase next!

Here is Leslie's information:



Enjoy :)

(All pictures are from her Etsy Shop)

Necklaces I have ordered:

Necklaces I want to order!!: 

Have a FAB day!!



It's been forever and a day since I posted a new blog! Life just gets hectic sometimes, what can ya do!!

So I have been on the hunt for new jewelry. I am a girl on a budget so I typically run to Forever 21 or H&M for cute accessories. I love love love Aldo bags and shoes and tend to forget about their jewelry!!  What I like about it is their selection, they have lots of different items, such as bohemian pieces to rock, love the eclectic-ness (Is that even a word???) :). Their jewelry is very resonable as well, ranging from $8- $30.

I have posted a few pics with pricing from their site of what I have to get soon!!! If you like what you see, there is also a coupon for 15% off, can't beat that!! Enjoy :)
Coupon Code 15% off: getlucky75985

I hope you lovely's have a FAB day!!