Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween. Unfortunately, I worked all weekend and was not able to attend any parties! Fail :(

Tonight I am going to my boyfriends and will make a spoooky dinner! Well, not too spooky, more cute!

How cute is this Jack-O-Lantern Quesadilla?!?!

 I will definitely be making a big staple dessert, something I grew up on and just can't get enough of it every Halloween!!

     Graveyard Puddings! 
                 I will definitely be adding worms to mine!

                                 That is all for now. Have a booo-tiful day!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Thinking Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I thought this colorful nail look fits in perfectly for the cause.

I think in my past life I was a drag queen because I cannot get enough GLITTER!!!  I think this is a fun and quick way to add a little glitz to your nails and to also help out for the cause!!!!

                                                                        Enjoy :)

I only painted clear gloss on my ring finger then quickly sprinkled the glitter on it.

Products I used:
O.P.I- In the Spotlight Pink
Sally Hansen- Ultimate Sheild Top Coat
Sally Hansen- Shall We Dance?
Martha Stewart Glitter- Kunzite

24 pack of glitters from Martha Stewart.
I bought the pack at Michael's for $30, but used a 50% coupon and got it for $15!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Etsy: New Obsession!!

I work in an office so it is very casual and tend to wear very simple jewelry. I am the type of girl that will wear jeans, boots and a simple tee and pair it with a simple pendant necklace.  I am always on a hunt to find cute, simple necklaces. I can't stand when there is a cute simple charm and it's on the most cheap and chunky chain, or when you can smell the lead, gross. I guess you get what you paid for.

I was definitely overwhelmed by Etsy at first, I had no idea what a big community it is for new and upcoming designers. So I decided to search for a gold disc necklace. At the time, I was on the hunt for it after seeing Jennifer Aniston wearing a simple gold disc in a magazine and it was so cute!! I came across Leslie23 on Etsy and absolutely love what she does. Her necklaces are classic pieces you can have for a while and definitely something you can wear every day. They're also great for layering necklaces.

Below are some items I have or just purchased and a few that are on my list to purchase next!

Here is Leslie's information:



Enjoy :)

(All pictures are from her Etsy Shop)

Necklaces I have ordered:

Necklaces I want to order!!: 

Have a FAB day!!



It's been forever and a day since I posted a new blog! Life just gets hectic sometimes, what can ya do!!

So I have been on the hunt for new jewelry. I am a girl on a budget so I typically run to Forever 21 or H&M for cute accessories. I love love love Aldo bags and shoes and tend to forget about their jewelry!!  What I like about it is their selection, they have lots of different items, such as bohemian pieces to rock, love the eclectic-ness (Is that even a word???) :). Their jewelry is very resonable as well, ranging from $8- $30.

I have posted a few pics with pricing from their site of what I have to get soon!!! If you like what you see, there is also a coupon for 15% off, can't beat that!! Enjoy :)
Coupon Code 15% off: getlucky75985

I hope you lovely's have a FAB day!!


Friday, 21 January 2011

A Little Haul Action!

So here is a haul of random items from the past week! All cosmetics. Enjoy :)

MAC Blushes- $18.50 @ Nordstrom

Wet N Wild shadow- $ 1.99 @ Walgreens,
The Body Shop Shadow-  $8.00

E.L.F Lip stain in Fashionista- $1.00 @The Dollar Store

E.L.F Single lashes- $1.00 @ The Dollar Store