Friday, 4 May 2012

Life through Instagram

I have been so AWFUL with updating me blog! My life has been so busy, sometimes it's easier to just use Instagram. Follow me if you'd like! Instagram: Ceebee33. Here are a few photos in the past few months. Enjoy! <3

 ***Went to visit my bf's family in South Dakota over Christmas--> The restaurant below is so cute! Has slot machines in it too! Crazy!

 ***Driving in South Dakota in an old town and edited the photo above, love how it came out.

**A few pics of my bf and I, one at Mount Rushmore and getting ready to head out for New Years Eve<3

 **Some of the many shows I have been to: Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins. Oh how I love Rock!!

**My new niece Maddie in the shoe box, um how cute is she!?!?! Then my oldest little baby, Chelsea on the right (will be 14 on Cinco de Mayo!!! How time flies )

**I love starting my morning off with a little Starbucks and their iced green tea is the BEST. 

**Went over my brother's for a family Sunday dinner and my mom brought the fruit tart, how pretty! Tasted amazing

**One Saturday in April, my bf and I took a drive and ended up at the Clam Box for a little seafood. It was so delish and that had to be the best clam chowder!!

Well that is it for now. Hoping to get on here more often as I have tons to show!

The End<3

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